Vierasesittely, Blobs


Account name: @Blobsky
Guild: The Traveling Merchant
V16 Blobs, Redguard, Nightblade

Age: 20-25
Country: England
Hobbies: Badminton, swimming, handball, reading, music

How do you know Dragonborn Z?
I organized a ‘PvP training event’ with the leaders to help their members learn how to deal with some of the best players more effectively

How much do you play?
2-5h/day depending on University

What do you like to do in game:
1vX / Trading / Quest completion on main char

Games that you’ve played before The Elder Scrolls Online:
Runescape (as a job, not a game)

Best gaming experience:
Wiping an entire guild raid (Wabbajack) solo

Five interesting facts about you
I stream at and have a youtube channel ‘Blobsky‘ where I upload my main focus

Gaming has earnt me both a house and my relationship, despite the fact I was always negative of it before

I have played Badminton for the West of England – people assume others on games are simply awa from sports, but not true at all 😀

I could quite possibly be the richest player in ESO with well over 200M gold

I help anyone and everyone in need of advice, so mail me anytime!

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