Vierasesittely, Kasa Obake


Account name: @amanozako
Guild: Astrum Herois mostly. Otherwise I ERP on my own
Characters: Kasa Obake, CP160 DC Breton Ex-magicka sorc and fotm stamina reroller, whose name is styled after a Japanese carnivorous umbrella. Just google it; trust me, it’s worth it.
Pact Mage Guard: CP160 EP khajiit sorc, often confused with actual NPCs
Little Zergling: CP160 DC stamplar, proud Malubeth exploiter. Can be found running next to zergs
Covenant Siege Merchant: lvl 20 DC fotm dk because I’ve always wanted to leap inside keeps

Age: 20 years old
Country: Russian living in Great Britain, and occasionally France. I’m cosmopolitan like that.
Hobbies: Turning QQ into a form of art, trolling, getting drunk and laughing at clouds irl.

How do you know Dragonborn Z?
Well, I’ve heard of it from @edenprime first, when I joined them on a semi-guild group to stealthily decrown Legendary Shey on Ebony Blade back in November while he was offline. Though we failed in our venture, we won something more important than a nightcap: friendship and the ability to derp around the Cyrodiilic prairies together more often. Hell, I’ve even lived on their TS with another French scrub for awhile.

How much do you play?
A lot. I’m a university student, with way too much time on my hands.

What do I like to do in game?
Erotic roleplay, definitely. Erotic werewolf roleplay is even better, though I do not indulge in it a lot, since my continuous support for Team Edward from the Twilight fandom contradicts my furry fetish in eso. But what can I say, vampires look ugly in this game, not like the marble-chested-honey-eyed Adonis from Twilight.

Best gaming experience:
Once, while I was emp on Haderus with my lvl 20 stam sorc whose only heal was his clannfear because I messed up in leveling my skills, I chased nubs all the way across the map, rooting them and letting my clannfear, whom I affectionately named Claws, take the killing blows and feast on their still warm flesh.

Five interesting facts about you:
-I like triggering people in-game and drinking their salty tears for breakfast.
-I speak four languages, the dead ones notwithstanding, so I can QQ you in whichever one you prefer.
-My guar, or rather battle-frog that I proudly ride in battle, is named Deathbringer.
-I’ve already been asked to talk sensually in Russian to a guy on TS because it excited him. Though I don’t know why, because it sounds like a brutal language to me, fitting well the rough country from which I hail, for I was raised by bears in the Siberian tundra.
-Random fact for irl since I’ve ran out of ideas: I’ve been chained to a radiator at a police station once. This should be on everyone’s “must-do before dying” list for it made me feel like I was in a thriller crime movie. Also, my mugshots were cute.

About me?
Well, in my spare time, I like to contemplate the brevity of life and its overall lack of purpose and meaning. Most of the time, I troll and be merry, but there are a few rare and sad moments where I become self-aware and cry out in despair to the fundamentally indifferent universe and zos’ devs about the lag, the horrendous changes to sorcerers, and cheats. Alas, the universe and zos, being fundamentally indifferent, fail to answer back, and so I return to my blind and foolish state of contentedness once more.
In the end, we’re all ephemeral, our only landmarks being the flavor of the moment and the markings we leave on the walls. And aren’t my markings great? Just check out my Youtube channel

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