Vierasesittely, Kr3do

Account name: @Kr3do
Guild: Ghosts and Goblins
Characters: CP 875, -Kredo, Templar, Lizard

Age: 18
Country:  Germany
Hobbies: Playing ESO, yelling at people in TeamSpeak, traveling through Tamriel and preaching about the almighty Snek

How do you know Dragonborn Z?
Some time ago some finnish invasion startet and in every guild i was in multiple finnish people joined and i found out about this guild (Took me another couple months to realize the name is Dragonborn Z not Dragonball Z)

How much do you play?
At the moment not so much since theres not alot to do till Morrowind, just logging on to tryhard and tbag people with Hekaterin in PvP and for PvE raids.

What do you like to do in game:
PvE, Argonian Roleplay, telling other people about the almighty snek, tbagging Prootch, the usual stuff.

Games that you’ve played before The Elder Scrolls Online:
CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Hello Kitty Online, Minesweeper.

Best gaming experience:
In ESO probably the first time i cleared vMoL HM and every time i tbag Magic Mik when he dies in a PvE raid.

Five interesting facts about you
Five? Damn, dont ask for too much!
Let me fix that.
Kolme mielenkiintoista faktaa sinusta / Three interesting facts about you:
1. I live next to a belltower.
3. I dont know any interesting facts about me, not even 3. Thats also kinda interesting i guess?

Write about yourself freely:
Kredo, also referred to as Kredo of Shadowfen or Kredo Christ, was a Snek preacher and religious leader who became the central figure of Snekianity. Snekians believe him to be the Son of God and the awaited Messiah (Christ) prophesied in the Elder Scroll.

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