Vierasesittely, Lovron


Account Name: @Schweifsi
Guild: Sora Clan , Legion of Elders
Lovron V16 Magika Templar Imperial AD PvP Rank 29 ;
Lord Lovron V16 Magika DK Dunmer AD PvP Rank 18;
Lophras V16 Magika Sorc Breton DC PvP Rank 14;
Pitch Perfect V2 Magika NB Dunmer DC PvP Rank 8;
Sneaky Princess Stamina NB V1 DC PvP Rank 8;
Lovrana low lvl Stamina DK Redguard AD PvP Rank close to Vigor ^^;

Age: 28 in a month
Country: Austria

How I know Dragonborn Z
Eden, Nanar and Shikai needed a pocket healer for dailies, I did my 1st speedrun with that grp ^^

How much do I play
Way too much, but I love this game. ca 5 hours per day under the week and ca 10 hours on weekends per day and more ^^.

What I like to do in this game
Mostly PvP, at daytime I go soloyolo and at nightime I like to play in 4-6 man grps, and ye sometimes I’m zerging around with Big Boss dark Eden ^^

Games I played before ESO took my live
Gothic , Elder Scrolls, Risen, Anno, Battlefield, Star wars the old Republic the offline games and the online games ^^

My best gaming Experience
Was when i started playing ESO with TS!!
Had so much fun with ppl from DBZ and my Sora Mates, that’s the reason why I play so much atm.

Five interesting things about me:
-I love to talk with ppl from different countries.
-I love to listen music when i play PvP mostly trance
-My favourite food is lasagne
-I always wanna help everyone, maybe that’s the reason why I’m a templar in game
-Love u all <3

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