Vierasesittely, Vâo


Account name: @Elliah
Guild: None, I’ll play very often solo.
By order of creation:
Thel Ar, stamina dragonknight vr16, khajiit, DC (rank 12, corporal)
Vâo, magicka nightblade, vr16, woodelf, DC (rank 39 legate)
Thelyr, magicka nightblade, vr3, woodelf, AD (rank 10)
Micella Numidia, Magicka sorcerer vr3 imperial, AD (rank 10)
Lindèn, Magicka templar, level 5, breton, AD
Cyrus Jyn, Stamina templar, level 7, redguard, AD

Age: 28
Country: France
Hobbies: Books, cinema, writing, science, video games, and many others.

How do you know Dragonborn Z?
By Edenprime. And maybe a lot of you have seen me often in cyrodiil. 😀

How much do you play?
I play the evening, and also the afternoon sometimes.

What do you like to do in game:
Before becoming a pvp addict, I was a pve scrub with my dk Thel Ar. But since almost one year I spent 99.99% of my time playing pvp. (the other 0.01 are only the time to do writs and farm mats.

Games that you’ve played before The Elder Scrolls Online:
Others mmos : Star Wars the old republic, Final Fantasy 14,
The elder scrolls series (Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind) The witcher 3, The division, Mass Effect Trilogy. So many games, I cant tell all games I’ve played, but for resume I love very much rpg, science fiction and open world games.

Best gaming experience:
Morrowind, I’ve spend a lot of time to finish the game many times and used hundreds of mods and days for improving the game. This is the best Elder Scrolls in my opinion with a high difficulty.

Five interesting facts about you
– When I order a pizza, I always take the same. (pizza with 7 cheeses)
– I want to be rank 50 with my nightblade !
– I write science fiction and fantasy when I have motivation (and when I’m not too lazy)
– TESO is my favourite game, I’ve played since 22th july 2014. (I was present at beta)
– I’m grumpy sometimes.

Write about yourself freely:
My english accent is typically french, but I practice english every day to become better ! And I love to listen to music and discover new songs and styles.

If you love nightblade pvp gameplay I have a youtube channel Vâo ESO, please comment if you like ! (or not)

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