Vierasesittely Alcast

Account name: @Drugcontrol
Guild: Hodor
Characters: Xeloki – Stamina DK
Alcast – Magicka DK
Cathamalexiaqotinissizia – Stamina Sorc
Szane – Magicka Sorc
Cesille – Stamina Templar
Cezille – Magicka Templar
Desjani Dar – Stamina NB
Test Subject Z – Magicka Nightblade
Bixy Dveva – Stamina Warden
Cole Protocol – Magicka Warden

And many more..I legit lost count

Age: Grandpa
Country: Switzerland
Harrastukset: Roleplay

How do you know Dragonborn Z?
Edenprime <3

How much do you play?
I play about 15h/week, mosty trials I raid 3 times a week 3h.
I do content for ESO about 30h/week (youtube, twitch, website etc)

What do you like to do in game:
Theorycrafting <3 Triiiaaaaaaaals is my jam, Dungeons are also cool. Quests are fun but I always get lost >.>

 Games that you’ve played before The Elder Scrolls Online:
A lot of Shooter games, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Warhammer, Lineage 2, Witcher and so on…. up to ESO I legit played like everything there was…

Best gaming experience:
Community of ESO

Five interesting facts about you:
I lived in Vancouver for almost 1 year.
I lived in Bosnia for 6 Months.
I hold the rank of 1st LT in the army.
I legit know nothing about the Lore of ESO (plix help)
I get lost even on the most simple quests in ESO. (took me 40 mins to complete fishing quest in new life festival)

Write about yourself freely:
I spend a ton of time in ESO, not playing the game itself, but more so doing content for everyone. The community in ESO is awesomo <3 There is an about me page on my website, not many know tho because nobody bothers to scroll down on the homepage :>

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